Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Washington Post recently mischaracterized Virginia Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine's educational campaign proposals as pie-in-the-sky shameful vote pandering as he tries to become the next governor.

The paper took Kaine to task for putting forth a plan to provide universal access to preschool education in Virginia without detailing every minutia of how he plans to fund it.

Investing in pre-kindergarten schooling should be a fait accompli. Same as the state was able to unearth added revenue to reopen DMV offices after Gilmore's disastrous administration, fund nursing care for veterans, maintain the state's credit rating, and so on, resources to ensure every child has equal footing in education from the start, as the Post knows, is a matter of priority funding.

The op-ed begrudgingly notes long-term financial and social benefits from early childhood education, yet fails to mention how state spending is four times as much for remedial instruction than for early childhood education, a disparate order of priorities.

Hopefully, voters will be smart enough to realize Kaine’s educational platform is a simple statement of his central concern for early education; an issue too often disdained by his opponent, former-Attorney General Kilgore, who opposed every educational initiative put forth by the Warner/Kaine administration.

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