Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Virginians need to be reminded that honest government is best guarded by a vibrant two-party system.

Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine is an attractive and charismatic candidate, much like Ohio's recent congressional candidate Paul Hackett who almost pulled off a stunning upset in an overwhelmingly scarlet red district.

Although Kaine can't get away away with Hackett's “Aw shucks, I’m just a plain old citizen/soldier trying to do what I can for my country,” he could frame his opponent, Kilgore, as the right wing's “rubber stamp” and himself as a man of principles who wants to ensure Virginians remain on the road to prosperity.

In Ohio, people responded to Hackett's message of a fresh, independent voice. They were tired of Republican clones, especially in view of the problems facing Ohio with their one-party rule.

In Virginia, we need to remind citizens what an unholy mess Republicans made when they were solely in charge.

The “rubber stamp” meme can be used for Republican party hacks in Richmond and will resonate with voters.

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