Saturday, August 20, 2005

Much like most utterances by Bush, it seems our unerring leader almost certainly witnessed the wrongful execution of some poor sap while governor of Texas.

The Houston Chronicle, who has extensively written about problems with DNA evidence that eventually shut down a Houston’s forensic laboratory, reported this week that police has discovered items that could well have exonerated three death row inmates in Texas.

The paper notes more than a 100 items were recently found by the Houston Police Department as they moved and tagged forensic evidence into a new computerized system.

Unfortunately for Ponchai Wilkerson, any fresh evidence that might have freed him arrived a tad bit too late for him.

Under the watchful eye of its ever-vigilant governor and presidential candidate, George W. Bush, he was executed on March 14, 2000; and this in spite of Bush’s assurance to the nation at the time that no one, not a single soul had ever been wrongfully executed under his administration.

Chief Harold Hurtt told the newspaper that discovered goods included “evidence that ‘could not be located due to being misfiled or lost” at the time of trial.

The Chronicle writes: “The revelations are the latest in a 2 1/2-year saga of problems that have plagued the HPD evidence analysis and storage divisions. Shoddy science, [and] substandard facilities” eventually led to two men being “released from prison because of faulty testing, and the integrity of thousands of cases.”

Oops…so much for our errorless war president/pilot/rancher/cowboy/biker.

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