Thursday, August 11, 2005

Excuse me for being a hardened idiot but...I just don't get why progressive bloggers are harping and complaining when like-minded political spirits now ask for their help in upcoming political campaigns; especially after their overwhelming success in mobilizing resources and the near-win in Ohio’s special election this past August.

Yea, I know it's not ALL about $$$. But try telling that to some poor sap who is struggling to just catch a news byline.

Besides….weren’t these the very same blogers who complained about the lack of DNCC contributions earlier on the Hackett campaign...?

As one who spent nearly a week in the 2nd district trying to drum up votes in Ohio as a direct result of the cyberspace publicity given the Hackett campaign, I, for one, would welcome and love to see the same kind of attention given to our lieutenant governor's campaign against former-Attorney General Jerry Kilgore for governor in the crimson red state of Virginia.

Leave no state behind means support for candidates with blood, sweat, tears and yes, that crazy aunt's in the attic (by way of blogs) all-out support.

nice venting of all your frustrations. waiting to see the reaction to your posts.
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