Saturday, August 02, 2008

Precious One

...........To help those inbred racist country bumpkins fully conceive The Hope that is plopping on America, a nice visual to bring Light to the "throne."

H/T Pagan Power.

You have been removed from the cobalt6 blogroll for conduct unbecoming a Democrat.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oh no, say it ain't so...

Speaking of unbecoming, how 'bout all those lies Barky and his minions told 'bout Hillary being a racist.

And because Obama played the race card without provocation against Hillary, he's now the boy who cried wolf too many times. No one listens to him when McSame actually goes after him with racist ads.

Boo hoo, cry me a frigging unity river.

No matter. For every link removed by the kool-aid gang, two pro-Hillary blogs pop-up.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Any profanity to advance Democratic unity will be deleted.
You are not a Democrat, your comments are vicious and do you even bother to post about anything about your fascination with Obama.
Using Right-wing talking points and the cheap shots are pathetic.
Im glad Lefty Blogs dropped you-
with DINOs like you, we don't need Republicans.
this is just vulgar. You have a cartoon of Obama masturbating on your blog, and you block swearing?

Pardon my french, SWEETIE, but you are a f*cking hypocrite.
I am still waiting for mimi to answer my question that she deleted.
How does it taste, sweetie?
I'm really disappointed in this. It's like you've gone off the deep end. I used to enjoy reading your blog, but it's become so mired in hatred of Obama and disdain for anyone who supports him it's like you've become blind to anything else. I've asked you many times in the past few months what exactly you hope to accomplish with your repeatedly expressed hatred for Obama and you've never answered. Your extremism has silenced your voice in many quarters. With your removal from leftyblogs you have become marginalized and ineffectual. The only dividend your Obama hatred is paying you is hostility from those who should be your natural allies. It certainly isn't helping Hillary.

This is all too regretful.
Please tell us what it means to you to be "Southern Baptist, spiritually connected, and a Democrat." Then, for your own sake, please think about what you could do to be a better Southern Baptist and more spiritually connected. Obviously, the Democrat part became a lost cause long ago.
"Judas Joe" Lieberman would be proud.
Don't feel bad, They do this whenever a fellow democrat declines to support the party's anointed, Just look at the letter Jimmy Carter sent to GA Governor Zell Miller after He could not support Kerry due to His votes against defense.
Yeah the Republicans in Virginia have never held a grudge against their own...2005...ahem...
I think you'd better answer "Yes" to the Basic Settings question: "Adult Content?" ^_^

To be served by your own party... that is just CLASSIC!!!

I'm not upset at this cartoon, but I have to ask you something. Let me add an initial disclaimer: I voted for Senator Clinton.

For someone clearly so enraged at the purported sexism that took place during the primary... to perpetuate the myth and stereotype of the "inbred racist country bumpkins" is shameful.

Speaking as one of those country bumpkins, kindly go take a long walk off a short pier. Maybe the fall off will return you to your senses and to our party.

I found this on YouTube just for you :)
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