Monday, August 04, 2008

No One but Hillary Will Do!

No one but Hillary will do!

Here's a query for Obamazoids. Let's say the shoes were reversed. Due to electoral shenanigans, Hillary had won all the caucus states and Obama had won all the swing states plus led in total votes. Nevertheless, due to DNC "rulez," Hillary led with superdelegates.

In the meantime, Bill was going around the country, just like Jesse Jackson, Jr., threatening any wavering superdelegate with a "sure-fire" primary opponent.

At the end of the primary season, Dem insiders anoint Hillary as the presumptive party nominee because she'd had all those soaring rallies where people fainted and started speaking in tongues. Even though Obama led with total votes, superdelegates had been duped to think that if the person with the most votes were the nominee that would absolutely prove Dem party insiders were a bunch of male misogynist elites who hated women.

Now, for some pesky reason, Hillary continued to tank in the polls -- even as she traveled abroad to mostly favorable media coverage. And even though the country was in absolute shambles with a majority of people saying they wanted change. Meanwhile, Obama supporters were threatening to boycott the general election in November or worse. Vote for John McSame.


Hillary comes up with this grrreat idea to float the names of Harold Ford and Gov. David Paterson as two potential vice presidential candidates on her short list. That should appease the 18 million voters who didn't vote for her.

Insulting?? Nah. At least the resumes of both Ford and Patterson are equal or better than Obama's with 10 years experience in Congress for Ford and with Patterson as State Senate leader in New York. The maneuver, though, does kinna reminds the howler of the Clarence Thomas-Thurgood Marshall swap by Bush Sr., and we know how well that turned out.

Here's the thing. To nominate ANY PERSON besides Hillary is an insult to the millions of voters who voted for Hillary. Equal to the fact that she was the most qualified candidate during the Democratic presidential primaries, nothing has changed; she is still the most qualified candidate for ANY political position by bunches.

Financial Times writes:

"With just one month to go before Labour Day – the traditional beginning of the general election – and only three weeks before the Democratic convention, many Democrats fear that time is running out for Mr Obama to overcome the suspicions of this key swing vote."
Allegre's Corner is campaigning hard to once again include Hillary in national pollings.

Hillary was way ahead in the polls right before she suspended her campaign. She's won the popular vote. Neither candidate has enough pledged delegates to win the nomination. It's time we get the full picture re electability and from what the polls from late May / early June were saying, Hillary's a much stronger candidate when polled in head-to-head match-ups against McCain in the states we Democrats MUST WIN in the general election.
Contrary to what Michelle, Howard, Nancy or Donna might whisper in Obama's expansive ear, if Obama wants to win, Hillary must be on the ticket.

It really is that simple. Obama can be the voice of inspiration but someone's got to help run the country. Bush and Company not only trashed the White House but the entire country and world. America desperately needs leaders who know what to do and how to fix the fiasco from of the last eight years -- a Herculean task that requires Hillary and her army of supporters.

Oh, that's easy: Hillary would do ANYTHING to win.
If by anything you mean show voters how she is the best person to lead the country from the abyss into the sunshine, yep, she'll do anything.
James Young: Well, shouldn't any candidate do what it takes to win an election, or why run in the first place? We live in a country that elected the likes of George W. Bush as President, because the filthy Republicans will do ANYTHING to win. Democrats can take the high road (again) and lose (again), or they can beat the Republican scumbags at their own game.

HL: Would you agree that Obama's campaign has been run well?
John Frum, kudos to Obama & Company except...he did play the race card one time too many.

This is the reason I got pissed at Obama and voted for Hillary in the first place.

Not too smart a thing to do in the general.
HL: The "race card" is a campaign tactic. It worked. That's why it was played. I can't fault Obama's campaign for knowing how to play the game.

I voted for John Edwards in the primary. Yes, after he'd ended his campaign. I threw away my vote then, but I voted for someone I thought deserved the Democratic nomination. In November, I will vote for Barack Obama, because given the other choices on the ballot, well, I have no choice. This election is too important for our nation to lose to the filthy Republicans...again.

Barack Obama is a proud Democrat and so am I. For me, that is enough common ground.
John, Obama may have run a brilliant campaign, but so did Dubya and that did not purport well for nation.

The only thing Barack has going for himself is that he's a Democrat; that's it. And pretty shameful.
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