Monday, August 04, 2008

The Audacity of Bloggers

Recently, some bloggers had the audacity of balls to demand that Howling Latina delete their meaningless blogs off her blogroll.

What's more, they're also commanding the howler delete blogs deemed by them to be incompatible with the howler's worldview.

Well, call her a heathen, call her a hag, call her a turncoat or worse (as some have already done) but....after keeping her mouth shut as the country marched off to war with Iraq seven years ago, she's not going to now stay quiet as a church mouse while her fellow Dems happily drink the kool aid and sing kumbaya on their way to Sure-Road-to-Defeat.

If Dems nominate Obama, they'll be making a huge mistake of Biblical proportion. This is an election that should be winnable by a landslide and yet Obambi is barely hanging on.

Here's some helpful advice from the howler. Get a life...and then go out and demand that your party open the presidential nominating process so the absolute best candidate with the absolute best chance of winning (and possibly the only one) gets the nod.

You think poll numbers look bad now, just wait until September. By siding with the Silver-Tongued One, every Obamazoid is squandering his or her opportunity to have their progressive dreams not only heard but realized -- from death penalty, women's right to choose, offshore drilling, FISA, and so on.

Remember, with Obama nothing is sacred....

Oh and one more thing. This is the howler's blog and she'll link and de-link to whomeever she dang well feels like.

I added you to my blog links just because.

We have been taken over by fascists obviously. Dissent is democratic. Duh!
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