Tuesday, June 03, 2008

South Dakota - Part II

Seventeen county commissioners in South Dakota have endorsed Hillary Clinton. Hillary is poised for another stunning upset.

In a clear display of momentum two days before the primary and on the heels of multiple visits by Hillary, Chelsea and President Clinton, the Clinton campaign in South Dakota today announced the endorsement of 17 county commissioners.

These commissioners, who are endorsing Hillary because of her commitment to South Dakota, have been helping the campaign's efforts in their counties and spreading the word about why Hillary Clinton is best prepared to be President.

Just as Larry Johnson of No Quarter observes, "Obama continues to crawl on his knees through broken glass toward the finish line, hoping his fairy godmother at the DNC pushes his limping butt to the other side."

Left in West, a South Dakota blogger agrees that even though Obama has McGovern and Daschle (losers in the state), "Democratic activists in most of South Dakota" are pulling for Mountain Mama.

[T]he state's demographics [also] seem to favor Hillary. South Dakota is older, less affluent, and more churchgoing than most of the rest of the nation.

These groups of voters have moved strongly into Hillary's column through the course of the primary season, even in states that Obama ultimately won.

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