Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Put Hillary on the Ticket or Else...Or Not

Let's see how sincere all that unity schtick from Obamatrons during the last few weeks truly was.

Inexplicably, the attitute of Obama and his fans toward Hillary bring to mind the story of the simple-minded district manager of a Fortune 500 company who had a super saleswoman on his team; she successfully solicited one national account after another and her reward?? The manager kept doling out her accounts to the latest whiz intern from Columbia Business School so he could get some real experience. Corporate sales, of course, plunged; the manager got canned; and superwoman took his job.

Ultimately, if Dems are stupid enough to nominate Obama as they appear to be willing to do, then the howler prefers that Hillary remain in the Senate and let Obama lose all by his lonesome dove.

"unity schtick"? This is another of my complaints about the peculiar attitude of the Clintonistas, which is that it's up to Obama to do all the unifying while Clinton trashes him, and then to accuse him of not getting the job done.

Then there are the accusations that "Obamatrons" are being mean to Clinton. Never mind that it's extremely insulting to call people Obamatrons. Then, as if that were not enough, you declare Obama supporters "stupid". So now I'm stupid. Wonder how I ever made it through five years of college, two undergrad degrees, four years as a debater, and three years of law school while being such a dumbass.

At least we both agree that Hillary should stay in the Senate. If Obama invites her onto the ticket he'd better watch his back. Sure, she would work hard for their election, but the day they hit the White House she and Bill would be operating behind the scenes to sabotage him and set her up for a run in 2012. She would take over the territory carved out by Cheney and continue the expansion of the vice presidency to deleterious effect.
Wow. Such bitterness and ugly bile. Is it any wonder there are those that question why Obama would want to put Senator Clinton on the ticket when your blog, of late, has become quite the representation of just how much bitterness she and her supporters bring to the table? "Unity schtick" goes both ways, my dear. When the hand of friendship is offered, it seems that you are all too willing to bite it off and poor acid on the wound.

Let's go through a few things the "Obamatrons" would have to gloss over when accepting Hillary Clinton as his running mate. First, she believes he's not ready to answer the call at 3am, so they'd have to overlook the fact that the VP candidate has publicly stated the nominee is not qualified. Then there's the whole not-so-subtle race issue with her having more appeal with white voters and Mr. Clintons also not-so-subtle comments starting post South Carolina. Let's add to this the idea that she thinks Obama will be assassinated and sprinkle on a little bit of the petty vindictiveness that has come out recently in terms of spinning the numbers to try to sway Superdelegates and change the rules mid-course with Florida and Michigan. Oh, and there's Bill Clinton's statement in the last week that he's done his last campaign stop (just so you know, former Presidents from your party usually try to help their nominee no matter who it is).

So, yeah, I can see how you think unity is completely up to the Obama camp to bring around. But I will give you this, I, too, hope Senator Clinton stays in the Senate (where she's 36th in seniority among Democratic Senators) and will have the tempering effect of the august Senate to keep her from causing any more harm.
This is a clear pattern with Howling Latina. She wants respect for Senator Clinton, but calls people that don't support her nomination either sexist or stupid. She minimizes the votes and opinions of other Democrats. Frankly, Obama doesn't need Clinton to win the race, and she has shown by her actions that she really doesn't deserve the humility and respect that Senator Obama has given her. I have never seen a bunch of reactionary, insincere, arrogant people as some Clinton supporters. Senator Obama has tried to reach out to all types of voters, but many have such a problem with him (and his race) that they have been openly hostile towards him. Luckily for Obama, he has already proved himself to be a worthy individual, and these people are largely in the minority.

Bitterness is never a good outfit.
Well, it probably ought be said that HL isn't exactly representative of Clinton supporters. Truthfully, I had some (maybe more than some) sympathy for HL's frustration, but that train has long since left the station of Embarrassed for Her station. This isn't a political issue anymore, I think.
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