Sunday, June 01, 2008

On Alleged “Whitey” Tape of Michelle

There has been a buzz for a few weeks that a tape exists of Michelle using the word "whitey" to refer to whites.

Like can we get some more "whiteys" up front...? Actually it's more like the rantings and ravings of Rev. Wright and Fr. Pfleger.

Inquiring minds are now asking, "Will Obama throw Michelle under the bus...?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yellow Dog, you can take your doggie meme to another blog. I deleted your comment. Unless you can argue your pointless argument without personal attacks, I'll keep deleting them.

I worked my butt off to elect Jim Webb. And Tim Kaine. I will not lift a pinkie to elect Obama; and yes, I might even vote for McCain.
So when are you joining the Republican party?
If the rumor is true, I'm sure we'll hear an Obama apologist suggest Bill Clinton says "darkie" all the time, 'cause ya'll know he's a race-baiter from way back...


Rumors are rumors, though. Hillary is supposed to be lip lockin' with one of her female staffers, if you believe the rumors. Dubya's people trashed McCain back in 2000 by saying he had an illegitimate black daughter. This rumor is probably no different.

We will see, won't we?
I'm sorry, do I have it wrong about which Obama is running for President? I thought it was Barack. Oh, I see, it's perfectly acceptable to attack not only the candidate but the candidate's immediate family, acquaintances, former employers, and fellow board members, and to impute all reputed and reported attitudes, actions, and even passing statements to the candidate, right?

I continue to be astounded that your hostility toward Obama runs so very deep that you'd seriously talk about voting for McCain, but that you consider rumor-mongering from Republican Rove-bots legitimate is astounding. Who is this Roger guy, and why does he look so stoned? And even IF there were such a tape, which right now seems to exist only in the realm of rumor and innuendo, then why would an off-comment by Michelle Obama be considered a substantive defect on the part of Barack Obama? If you want to establish that as the standard then you're certainly setting up Hillary for deep criticisms based on some of the ridiculous comments Bill has uttered over the past few months. And you certainly don't want to go back very far in time to some of Bill's other negative behaviors. Good lord, it would be far worse than the pot calling the kettle black if that's where you wanted to go with this.

So, go ahead and say you'll vote for McCain. No doubt you would revel in an Obama defeat; but when McCain gives us more of the same old crap for four years and appoints even more conservative Supreme Court justices and advocates continuation of the Iraq war and of executions and of all the other Republican policies which have put this country in a big hole, please don't complain. You'll have become part of the problem.
Do you really believe HL will revel in another Presidential defeat?! My God, it's plainly obvious she wants to defeat the filthy Republicans as much as any of us, but watching this Obama train wreck is SO damn frustrating. Trying to point out his obvious weakness as a candidate is only met with condescension and arrogance. Obama needs people like HL in November, and there's probably no way in Hell, at this point, that will happen. The only way Obama can win is with the support of folks like HL. How is that going to happen???
"Do you really believe HL will revel in another Presidential defeat?!"

If it's Obama losing, then yes I do think she will revel in a loss. There are tactful ways in which to point out your opponent's weaknesses but HL has opted to go for the throat using Republican talking points, rumor, and innuendo. So as an Obama supporter, I'm supposed to be happy that HL has helped spread Republican talking points for Clinton? I'll do my best to be magnanimous but I don't know if HL or her ilk will be willing to shake hands and get to the point of defeating Republicans.
I am a little shocked that any reasonable person would put any stock in anything Roger Stone would say, and I'm disappointed to see him featured uncritically on a Progressive blog.

HL, you do realize that Roger Stone is the person who formed an anti-Clinton organization called Citizens United Not Timid? Are you sure you want to hitch your wagon to this clownish, misogynistic moron?
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