Monday, June 02, 2008

Obama Tanking in South Dakota

Jolly, jolly, jolly, Obama is floundering...

American Research Group shows Clinton with an incredible lead of nearly 30 points in South Dakota. Hillary leads Obama, 60 percent to 34 percent with 6 percent "undecided."

Even Montana where Obama is supposed to be king shows signs of major buyer's remorse. Obama still leads -- but only by the statistical meaningless margin of 4 percent. Eight percent remain "undecided."

And we all know where the "undecideds" have ended up in the past: Hillary's corner.

This latest polling might help explain why Obama was has been so insistent on adding every delegate he can steal to his column -- especially since according to every media pundit he has the Democratic nomination in the bag; it's a slam dunk.

Indeed, as Larry Johnson of No Quarter writes, Obama's "thuggery at the Rules and Bylaws Committee, stealing delegates in Michigan that rightfully belonged to Hillary according to votes actually cast" came about after he looked "at his bad poll numbers and rising unfavorabilities.

It's hard to not agree. What's a few measley delegates to Obama when a flood of supers are just waiting for Wednesday to come out of the closet and endorse him.

H/T Talk Left

"he can STEAL"??!!!???

Again, you are completely out of control with fabrication and incendiary BS....

I am sorry to be so blunt, but you should really process this anger and learn from's not healthy.

Does that make me a sexist? For shame on you if you suggest so.
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