Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hillary Thrashes Obama

Hillary thrashes Obama in Puerto Rico. Another crushing victory. Yes, again.

With 85 percent of the votes counted, Hillary leads Obama by a stunning margin of 37 percent, 219,536 to 102,304.

Since March, Obama has lost the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well as Rhode Island, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky and now Puerto Rico.

No doubt about it, Hillary should be the Democratic nominee; she's the strongest candidate and has proved it by her impressive and telltale victories. And don't even try to dispute the fact that Hillary has received the most votes in the Democratic primary. Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post has already confirmed this irrefutable fact in today's blog post.

Hell, even if you subtract Hillary's Michigan vote of 357,000 and then apportion it to reflect Obama's early Xmas present by way of yesterday's Michigan "compromise" of a 34.5/29.5 split, Hillary nearly wipes out any Obama lead in popular vote with today's Puerto Rico victory.

Now why in god's green little acres should supers side with Obama when Hillary has beated him time and time again in swing states; and not just by the hair on Obama's chinny chin chin but by huge margins.

It's clear Obama has lost his mojo since February after American voters got to know him and his friends. Are you paying attention, superdelegates?!?

Puerto Rico doesn't vote in a GE, by the way.
I'm sure the superdelegates are paying attention. In the next 48 hours look for enough of them to declare for Obama that, combined with the delegates he wins in Montana and South Dakota, he will have clinched the nomination by Tuesday night.

I wouldn't look for any challenges to the credentionals committee by the Clinton campaign. It would be pointless and Sen. Clinton is an intelligent person who doesn't want to trash her own future political ambitions.

It is time to focus on victory in November.
She doesn't want to focus on victory. She wants to hurt Obama because she won against Hillary. So she will probably vote for McCain. If it happens, she will celebrate an Obama loss and tell us "I told you so." She can then feel satisfied because a coronation didn't happen.
How do you stop HL from voting against Obama, Kevin? How many of Hillary's supporters do you expect to vote for Obama? 10%? 20%? What do YOU think is realistic? I'm curious, because I keep trying to fudge my electoral math in favor of Obama, but I keep breaking my pencil lead when reconciling gains in voter registration with the loss of "old growth" Democrats.
I can't stop her from voting against Obama...never said that. I think it's akin to a 5-year-old throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't get the pony they wanted but instead got a bike.

How many Hillary supporters do I expect to vote for Obama if they actually cared for this country? 100%. This country would be remiss to elect another Republican president. Yet there are Hillary supporters who feel that not voting for Barack would send of message to the Democratic Party. I think the message is "we will cut off our nose to spite our face."
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