Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hillary 4 - Obama 1

Comments from Obamatrons keep repeating the false meme of how The Chosen One helps down-ballot Democratic candidates -- as opposed to TBTRTQ.

Well, right on time, Chris Cillizza And Ben Pershing write a column in The Washington Post that destroys this fabrication.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) wrote to Democratic superdelegates last week to make the argument for why she would be a better general-election candidate than Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) against Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), and her letter was accompanied by a deluge of charts and maps to bolster her case.

Clinton tried to back up her argument by including a list of recent general-election polls in every state. State-level polls are not always reliable, and the entire presentation should be taken with a grain of salt since it's a campaign document, but the Sunday Fix was still intrigued by the poll chart and what it might mean for down-ballot races.

Nine of the states on the chart showed a split result (with one Democrat supposedly leading McCain, while the other trailed), and five of those states have competitive Senate or House races.

Obama has the advantage in Colorado. Clinton has the advantage in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio and Missouri. Tally the number of races and Clinton is clearly the leader.

And... the point would be what?

In my humble opinion, its all mumbo jumbo and self serving spin at this point anyway. Surely any self respecting Democrat would back the other candidate against John McCain. To say that they would vote McCain over Clinton or Obama because of "moral outrage" over the other being the party candidate seems immature and illogical given how close these two really are on many of the key issues.

I'm an independent, have voted conservative in the past, but have been drawn toward the Democratic party this year because of the empowering and energizing words of Obama. I have nothing against Hillary Clinton, but frankly get turned off by the her campaign's blatant manipulation of data. I find it disingenuous and at times insulting to my intelligence, much like her husband arguing the definition of the word "is" while giving the youth of America a new definition of the word "sex" - an argument I now find myself having with my sixteen year old son.

I watched the Rules Committee on Saturday and was truly impressed, until Ickes comments at the end that is, at how well the process was executed. None of the three major candidates are perfect by any stretch, but I, as do many others, grow increasingly uncomfortable with the polarizing behavior of her campaign.

I just hope the party and its rank and file gets it together soon. There is so much at stake this election year.
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