Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dirty Barack Obama

Hmmm, Hillary supporters have been talking about this for months but the media just yawned.

Now that mainstream media thinks Obama is going to be the Democratic presidential nominee, they're set to tear him down and give the golden crown to McCain.

It's already started...and you thought they really liked Obama. Oh yea, of little memory.

Uh huh....and if the situation were reversed I'm sure they wouldn't be going after Clinton just as vigorously....not to mention what the swiftboaters would be doing to her....

oh yea of filtered vision!
Let me get this straight. First, Obama's too soft, untested, and namby pamby to be a good leader because he's just not tough enough. Now, he's too tough, having played hard-ball by Chicago rules against his much more experienced, older competitors and won. Even though he played by the rules this was ... what? Unfair? Bad? Illustrative of poor moral character? What, exactly?

This is a funny criticism coming from the camp of someone who was known for hard-ball tactics - not only the recent stuff which was stirred up by the Clinton campaign and actively promoted as viable news, but the early Clinton stuff like the Travelgate scandal and the lost and then found FBI files. Let's just say that Hillary plays hard-ball, too, and she staked her campaign on that toughness and willingness to go to the mat. Now you're complaining that Obama appears to be willing to go to the mat to win, too. Well, considering that he'll be up against McCain's new found best friends, the Rovian machine and their Swiftboat sidekicks, Obama's going to need that toughness to survive the election, just as it was the exact same toughness which made Hillary an attractive candidate.
It's the sheer hypocrisy that stinks to high heaven. You know, all that talk about a new kind of politics, kumbaya and the rest of Obama's crap.

Remember how Hillary was accused of doing ANYTHING, I tell you, ANYTHING to win??? As if that were the lowest of all the lows...?

Well I do. And I also remember the South Carolina special from Obama's bestest uncommitted buddy Jim Clyburn who in collusion with Jessee Jackson Jr., and other black mouthpieces used the race card to slander Hillary and Bill Clinton as racists.

Yep, those two unity moments did it for me. Oh, and the fact that Obama will lose to McCain when Hillary is such a sure thing.
Sorry, I don't see how the conduct of Obama's first election over a decade ago counts against him now. How does it obviate his current election and the attempts to bring everyone together in a "kumbaya" moment as you call it? If you want that as the standard then you'll have to agree that anything the Clintons did over a decade ago, including Travelgate and the FBI files and all the other baggage would be legitimate points of attack now. What's interesting is that Obama never resorted to any of that, so why should this Chicago election be fair game for Hillary?

Like other Clinton supporters you've got a totally different spin on the reality of the South Carolina racism issue. It was Bill Clinton who called Obama's image in the media a "fairy tale" and Hillary Clinton who appeared to minimize MLK's contributions to civil rights and had to later say that she "misspoke". It was Ferraro who made several racially charged comments about Obama and then cried foul when she was called on them. I don't understand how you can accuse Obama of hypocrisy when you're getting the same in spades from Hillary, and then some. All that talk of Obama's elitism when she had far more ties to monied interests than he did.

Look at what you've posted in the past couple of weeks. You keep taking Republican talking points like the alleged "Michelle calling people 'whitey'" story at face value because you're so invested in seeing evil in everything that Obama does. Never mind that this supposedly killer tape has never surfaced and a search of the internet reveals that there may BE a tape of Michelle saying "why'd he do that?" which could be slurred into "whitey" with a little manipulation. Never mind that people like me are condescended to and and accused of betraying our gender because Hillary is "entitled" to our votes because we are women. Never mind that there are some truly troubling moments in Hillary's campaign such as the outright falsehoods about places she's been and things she's done. I find her ability to spontaneously dissemble to be pretty troubling.

Then you say that Obama is doomed to lose against McCain while Hillary would most certainly win. I disagree. I think she's such a polarizing figure that she'd bring out opposing voters who will simply choose NOT to vote in November. Obama doesn't excite the same extreme hostility as Hillary, except in the more extreme racists who won't vote for a Dem anyway. If Hillary were the nominee I think a lot of the new voters the Obama campaign has energized and signed up will drift away and not participate, and further, that the party will become even more deeply fragmented. She is not and never has been a unifying force. Obama has the capacity to be a unifying force, whatever his other faults.
Fairytale is a code word for racism??

Well, then how about Obama's use of "claws" to describe Hillary's campaign???

And that nonsense about Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson. And about Hillary's phony tears.

Catsmaw, I was a total nonpartisan and believe me when I say that characterizing Hillary and Bill Clinton as racists turned a whole slew of people off who are still pissed off, including me.

Maybe it didn't affect you; maybe you figure the bitch had it coming...Whatever!!!
Oops, sorry for the misspell, catzmaw.

On this somber evening, I think I'm just going to cry myself to sleep, if you don't mind.
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My blog may not be much but I will not tolerate people slandering the Clintons and saying they used racism in their campaign.
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