Thursday, May 08, 2008

We Are The Ones Song (Propaganda)

Eerily similar to something one might have seen in the 50s during the height of the Cold War from the Kremlin, this little diddy is a nice bit of sloganeering and propaganda that bears little semblance to the truth ..

Don't believe? Go ahead and read the Black Agenda Report; it warns voters to not be duped by vague words with ambiguous meaning that cost Obama nothing. Trust your instincts and see if you don't smell a rat when examining Obama deeds as they relate to Bush's energy tax bill, Travis Smiley, Sean Bell and a slew of other "issues."

Well, here is a sample of what you'll find at Black Agenda:

"The top contributors to the Obama campaign are the very Wall Street firms whose shady mortgage lenders buried the elderly and the poor and minority under predatory loans."

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