Friday, May 16, 2008

A Trip Down Unity Lane: Obama Co-Chair Jesse Jackson, Jr. Questions Hillary's Tears

HL, this is May. Your post is from January. I'm confounded by your stridency toward all things Obama. It's pretty clear that he's the nominee. Hillary's not getting it - no how, no way - yet you continue to blaze away at the Obama campaign. Hillary's still got plenty to offer to the Democrats, now and in the fall. Whatever her role will be is going to be predicated on whether she can put the bitterness of the campaign behind her, close ranks, and get Obama elected because the only other option is not acceptable.

The only way Hillary will continue to have an impact and carry great weight with the Democratic party is by closing ranks with Obama and assisting him against their mutual enemy. She has a great deal to offer with her exceptional fighting spirit, but it will all be lost if she does not show she can put the bitterness behind her.
Just think how Hillary supporters felt when Obamacons lodged the bogus charge of racism to neutralize Bill Clinton after New Hampshire.

Most Obama delegates were tallied in February; since then, Obama has lost primary after primary. So you see, this little nugget of how Obama won is very important.
Best title ever. :D. Love it.
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