Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There's Something About Barry...

And his adoring crowd, estimated 75,000 strong.

Amazing! Astonishing! Unprecedented! Historical! Mind-boggling! Did you hear??? Barry drew 75,000 fans to his rally!!!

Except...as shrewd Lambert of Corrente observes, Kerry did one better in 2004, drawing 80,000 - 100,000 people in Philadelphia -- and we know how well that worked out.

Moreover, nothing like a free concert from Decemberist to go with your politicking and adoring crowd.

Party on...

Running out of arguments, huh? You in close contact with Geraldine Ferraro?
Seriously, it's over. I'm no Obama supporter (seriously). But this is just pointless.
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Repeat after me: "It's not over; it's not over.

Just because the media coronates Obama doesn't mean it's actually over.

I'll tell you what. When Jim Webb declares his support for Obama I might reconsider. Until then, the fight goes on, especially since with Obama the Dems are almost assured of losing in November and with Hillary they're assured of victory.
Well, no, it's not technically over. But, much like there's a point on Election Night where the result is clear, despite all of the ballots not yet having been counted, we've reached a point of clarity here.

What you do when you've reached this point depends, I suppose, on whether you're aiming for victory in November or more interested in vindicating your original judgment at the cost of everything else.

It's over.
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