Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Superdelegate Wussies (Except Heath Shuler)

Craig Crawford of CQ Politics asks a grrreat question: "If Democratic superdelegates truly want Hillary Rodham Clinton to quit the nomination race, why don’t they just publicly endorse Barack Obama and get it over with?"

It's not as if there ain't "more than enough of them to make up the difference needed to give him the winning majority." Where is that army of superdelegates just waiting for Obama to give the order so they can declare???

Perhaps they only exist in Obama's deluded unity mind. In other words, Hillary ain't going nowhere...not until Obama wins fair and square.

And why is Rep. Heath Shuler's name included in the headline? Well, it just so happens the NC superdelegate today declared for Hillary.

Obama DID pick up four today, you know.

And Heath Schuler promised to vote for whomever won his district. Clinton won, so he's supporting her. That simple.
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