Thursday, May 08, 2008

Not Yet Ready...

Spin, spin, spin. The howler has a full blown case of vertigo from all the spinning by Obamatrons.

Once again rumors of a flood of superdelegates jumping on the Obamarama wagon were flying and once again were proven WRONG!!!

After all, why should supers declare their choice when everyone is having so much fun gathering names of Dems in every state of the Union.

CQ Politics reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., made clear Wednesday they do not intend to call for an early end to the contest.

“My belief is the race should continue. People should have an opportunity to vote,” Pelosi said. “As long as a campaign is going on and candidates are in the race, there’s a chance.”

Obama leads with 1,842 including 257 superdelegates. Hillary has 1,692 including 271 superdelegates. Now if Florida and Michigan are disenfranchised, Obama could win the nomination with 2,026 delegates. However, if the all-important swing states of Florida and Michigan are included, it would take 2,209 delegates to win.

In the meantime, Hillary has one final chance to prove her mettle to supers and show why she is the best candidate to go against McCain.

Go Hillary!!!

Seems to me people are now voting for the candadate they think has the most votes or the most money in the campaign. I prefer to vote for the experienced person who has demonstrated a tenacity and strength to lead our country back to peace and prosperity, to work for medical care for everyone and who will bring our soldiers home. And by the way I was impressed with the speech in which Hillary Clinton, to spite a grueling schedule, showed an awareness of the events of the world when she showed compassion for Burma and asked their leaders to accept outside help for their people. This is the candidate with a history I know and an outline for the changes we the people need and deserve in our country. I, as many others I have heard, will not vote otherwise. Thank you.
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