Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not Too Late for Buyer's Remorse

Thanks to a handy link at Powhatan Democrats, the howler came across one of the best articles regarding the dismal state of the Democratic presidential nomination process in spite of their best political climate for winning the presidency since the early 70s when former President Richard Nixon was impeached and Gerald Ford pardoned him.

Cokie and Steve Roberts wrote an op-ed in Jewish World Review that points out how Dems are determined to lose the general election in November by going with the untested new boy on the block instead of the tested and tried true model.

Democrats seem intent on nominating Barack Obama, in the face of mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton would be the stronger candidate against John McCain in November. And they only have themselves to blame.


[T]he real culprit is the party's stupid, self-destructive nominating system, which has two major flaws.

First, it was designed to anoint a nominee by early February, far too early in the process. The result: Obama built up an insurmountable lead at a time when he was still largely unblemished, untested and unscrutinized.

Second, the nominating system was completely incapable of reflecting these shifts. Not only were few states remaining on the calendar, the rules of proportional representation made it almost impossible for Clinton to catch up.

Cokie and Steve further note that Hillary won Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island with a 483,000 vote plurality yet only netted five lousy delegates. Incredibly, Hillary also won Texas by 100,000 but after all was said and done, she ended up losing five more delegates for her troubles.

Moreover, Obama's "delegate advantage in Idaho, Kansas and Louisiana — three states that will never vote Democratic — was a total of 38. By contrast, Clinton handily won three large swing states — Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. And yet, because of party rules, her combined marginal gain amounted to 28 delegates."

Now rules may be rules, but superdelegates have the duty to right the injustice of the whole damn delegate process.

Why take a chance with Obama's tripe about Colorado and Virginia when with Clinton they've got a sure thing in Ohio and Arkansas???? Hey supers, the key is to win the presidency in November, right???

I am another Latina and I say that Cokie has never been a friend to the Clintons or to the Democratic Party -- so why should we listen to her now?

I have supported Barack from the beginning and will all the way through to the nomination in August and his 8 year presidency.

And, it is time for Democrats, all Democrats -- even those who worked for the losing side -- to start telling pun-twits like Cokie Roberts to "butt out" and to start supporting the candidate who has won and who will lead us to victory.

Also HL -- I am not happy to see you use "new boy on the block" when describing Senator Obama. I will not accuse you of being racist -- but it is damn disrespectful to our Party's nominee!

It is time to tell the "old girl down the lane," to start winding down and letting the fresh, new and exciting leader start running the show. And it is time for ALL Latinas to get with the program and start supporting our nominee and our Party.

Got it Chica?
I belong to no political party.

If that hollow preener Snob-ama is nominated, I will vote for Cynthia McKinney in November.
Chica, this is by blog and if Obama can call a journalist sweetie, I sure as hell can call Obama "the new boy on the block."

Got it???

If you don't like it, don't visit.

Oh and by the bye, HAPPY UNITY DAY!
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