Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not Going Gentle into that Good Night

In listening to Sunday talk shows, one would think Obama had already won the Democratic nomination in Denver.

Well, just like the few fairweathered superdelegates switched their pledge from Hillary to Obama, no matter how many times Obamatrons repeat the mantra that it's over, mission accomplished, move on, nothing to see behind the curtain while the king tries on his new robe of silky nothingness and struts out in the limelight completely naked, Kentucky and the rest of the primaries are going to surprise a whole lot of folks and supers can switch their allegiance to Hillary all the way up to the convention in late August.

This latest claptrap of Obama bragging about how his national polls equal Sen. McSame means absolutely nothing when trying to measure who is the strongest candidate in the fall.

Psss..., here's breaking news: general elections are not won by popular vote; they're won by the electoral college.

The force may be in Obama's mind, but the hard cold math in the general election is with Hillary.

Aren't convinced? Click here, here and here. Obama loses, Clinton wins.

Kentucky is not going to surprise anyone. Why would it? It's going for Hillary. Why should it matter anyway? If Obama's wins in states that aren't going for him in the fall don't matter, neither does Kentucky. Puerto Rico doesn't even vote in the general. Why does it matter? The Clinton game of minimalizing states can be played both ways. Obama has won. He'll win in the fall.
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