Monday, May 19, 2008

McCain Rebuffing Dobson

Newsmax sadly reports that Sen. John McCain is rebuffing James Dobson of Focus on the Family infamy by refusing to visit his headquarters in Colorado Springs.

The move [is] all but assuring the election of Sen. Barack Obama, columnist Robert Novak argue[d] in a recent column.
Indeed, the snub spells total disaster for the maverick. It's all right to pay lip service to independence but don't go get uppidy and shun the powerbrokers of the movement.

Howling Latina hates to gloat but...the current dismal strength of evangelicals in the Republican party is good news for America; besides, it's too ironic not to gloat. A Faustian deal gone bad...

Little did evangelicals bargain eight years ago that Dubya would so screw up his presidency and country that two terms of his sheer incompetency would absolutely guarantee an end to their reign.

[C]onservatives are surprised that despite the differences between McCain and some key conservatives, he hasn't responded to their olive branches and sought meetings.
And since McCain refuses to kiss Dobson's ring, he has stated time and again that he will not support McCain.

Bet if McCain dialed his number, Dobson would call a press conference and with a straight face profess the blood of the lamb had washed away McCain's sin of disdain.

Of course with the current horrific political climate for all Republicans, Dobson and his pals are betting McCain will lose; and they're all set to take credit for the loss.

Dobson's followers "are looking beyond 2008 to seek a new leader of the conservative movement for the 2012 election," writes Robert Novak.

The howler just bets they are.

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