Friday, May 16, 2008

Jim Webb on "Meet the Press"

Hmmm, the plot thickens.

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., will be the marquee guest on "Meet the Press" this Sunday. Last time Webb appeared on a Sunday talk show, he refused to disclose whom he favored, Hillary or Obama.

At the time, Howling Latina felt a slight vibration in her soothsaying pulse. Webb preferred Hillary over Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate.

Since the House recently passed a version of Jim Webb's GI bill, the topic du jour will be the bill. Nevertheless, Little Timmie will no doubt ask Webb the seminal question everyone wants to know: "Who does Webb support?"

Let's see how he answers this time...

Former Congressman and current Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford will also be a guest. The Huckster who shot his chance to be on the McCain ticket with his ill-timed remark today will also make an appearance. Rounding out the guest list are useless Dem strategist Bob Shrum (who "helped" Gore, Edwards, Kerry, Gephard, Dukakis and Kerrey in their respective losing bids) and Republican strategist Mike Murphy.

Well let's thank the dear holy ghost that at least this Sunday we won't have to listen to windbag media pundits who don't know a damn thing about anything blather on and on about this and that.

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