Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hillary Wins Indiana & Obama Wins NC

It's a split decision right??? Or did Obama clinch the nomination as Obatrons claim???

It depends on the math.

Count Florida and Michigan and it's still a race. Something Obama fans might want to think about before calling for unearned unity.

Only days ago, Obama said Indiana would be the tie-breaker. Now that Hillary won the Hoosier State, we are going to take him as his word and charge full speed ahead to West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon and others.

Put the cork back in that champagne bottle, Obamatrons; it ain't over 'till it's over and the iron lady is still singing.

The Obamatrons aren't the one's saying it's over. Unless you consider every major media outlet to be under Obama's spell:

And I believe the argument that Chuck Todd was making last night on MSNBC was that EVEN IF you count Michigan and Florida, it isn't a race. Obama would still have a 200,000 vote lead, and a 100 pledged delegate lead.
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