Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Picks Up Superdelegate

After yesterday's thrashing of Obama by Hillary, she picked up a superdelegate from Tennessee,
What??? Didn't everyone get the message...? Obama has won the Democratic nomination; just ask the pundits and bloggers.

Well, apparently not just yet. Talk Left posted:

Tennessee Automatic Delegate Vicky Harwell announced her support for Hillary Clinton today. Harwell, of Pulaski, is president of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women.

"Hillary's decisive victory in West Virginia is the latest evidence that she is the strongest candidate to take on John McCain and win back the White House," Harwell said. "Hillary has the plans, leadership and experience to deliver real results as President."

Out of 85 pledged delegates from the Volunteer State, Hillary has nabbed 40 and 17 remain uncommitted.


Bless her heart, I'm sure Vicky Harwell is a lovely person and a fine Democrat. But I think Edwards coming out for Obama trumps Harwell for Clinton.
Obama now leads Clinton in number of super delegates--and every other metric as well.

And now Edwards endorsement signals the beginning of the unification of the Democratic Party around its nominee.

Why pursue this (self-) destructive path HL? Hillary Clinton gave it everything she had, but she came in second. It's time to come back to the real fight: the one against the Republicans. Let go of the bitterness and join the fight against John McCain's attempt to give George W. Bush a third term.
Richmond Democrat,

Can we please retire "metric" to the Cliche Hall of Fame. It may be the most overused word of this campaign season.
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