Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flame Fear & Throw Bubba Off the Bus

With three special election losses, Republicans are in total disarray; and they're now looking to Newtie, Mittster and losers like them to help Republicans get their groove back.

Things are so ugly for the members of the GOP right now, it’s worth pondering their political mortality: Put bluntly, can this party be saved?

[Politico] talked to some of the ["smartest"] minds in Republican politics, and their prognosis is pretty grim. They think it will take pretty big changes — and possibly many, many years — to repair a Republican brand sullied by excessive spending, an unpopular war and an even more unpopular president. their infinite wisdom, what great inspirational, transformational and innovative ideas did party elders decide would bring Republicans back to the mountaintop of power???

Well, Politico writes that GOPers think to win they just need to keep flaming the fear factor and throw Bubba off the bus.

Fan the fear: Ignore the critics, Republican wise men say — there is still no better way to win than to stir up concerns about Democratic patriotism and their commitment to national security and killing terrorists.

Change the pitch — and your face: Several well-known Republicans said the party needs fresh, reassuring packaging and a more diverse crowd to deliver it.


Oh dear...sounds like policy is coming out of the closet. The party of Lincoln never really did give a damn about the rural voter -- meaningless lip service and tax breaks for the rich. But the howler is glad it's official; they can all go to hell.

As evidenced by every Hillary Clinton victory, she has been able to capture the Bubba and Imogene voter who is disgusted by the war, corruption, gas prices, job losses, hypocrisy and above all, eight miserable years of Bush.

Like the prodigal son who succumbed to sin, the Clinton campaign has warmly embraced wayward Democrats in the south and welcomed them back into the fold. Every weakness highlighted by Republican talking points in the Politico story is trumped by the sheer force that is Appalachian Mountain Mama Hillary.

I agree on many points. I'd take issue on your characterization of the frustration in the second to last paragraph.

And there is a third option. Articulate the vision that propels positions on issues that matter with solutions to work - which are Conservative through and through - and call them "Republican".

Hasn't happened yet, but may. Especially in Virginia.
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