Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Clarion Call - Webb for VP

Jim Webb is on the short list for vice president, The Virginian-Pilot writes.

Webb, 62, is pulling political levers that almost surely will put him in the top tier of potential Democratic nominees for vice president, whether the ticket is led by Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Webb's tenacious advocacy of a new GI Bill, which would give every veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan a chance to go to college, has strengthened his ties to a national network of veterans groups and activists and is getting rave notices on blogs and newspaper editorial pages.

Webb has maneuvered the legislation into position for passage this summer, as the presidential campaign heats up and Republicans push a less generous alternative.


Webb, who wears his Scots-Irish, working-class heritage like a battlefield decoration, also could help Obama win over blue-collar voters in key states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, all carried by Clinton in the primaries, other analysts suggest.

"His rural roots, vigorous language and championing of working-class values would compensate for Obama's evident weaknesses," Rutgers University political scientist Gerald Pomper wrote earlier this month on Sabato's Crystal Ball Web site.

Just as Hillary Clinton is the absolute best candidate for president, Webb's resume overwhelms any others by legions.

A Web site "soliciting signatures in support of a Webb candidacy for vice president" is up; it's at Please go visit and sign the petition.


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