Saturday, May 03, 2008

Broder Paints Picture for Hillary Win

David Broder of the Washington Post, often called the dean of political journalism in Washington, wrote a riveting column in this morning's Washington Post about Hillary's path to victory.

The Clinton camp's answer comes in two parts. First, they say that the institutional party -- the unions, the environmental groups, the abortion rights groups and others that are desperate for victory after losing twice to George Bush and that recognize the potential appeal of John McCain -- would exert heavy pressure on the losing side not to sulk or erupt.
Broder writes that Clinton advocates see her support from older voters and Catholics in Pennsylvania and the latest Wright eruption as windows of opportunity to her nomination -- pesky facts that give superdelegates pause.

The heart of the matter is that Hillary leads in national polls against Obama and easily whips McCain in Ohio and Pennsylvania; and unlike Obama, she also beats McCain in Florida.

For those who say the Democratic Party will shred to a tiny million little pieces if The Chosen One is not coronated, Clinton fans have an answer to that one:

Obama, just 46, would think about his long-term future and secure his own status as heir apparent by reconciling his followers to a bitter but temporary defeat and by throwing all his energies behind Clinton.

But they acknowledge that "[o]nly Obama can make her winning seem right."

Hillary is already on record with her unmitigated support of whomever ultimately wins the Democratic nomination. It's certainly not Hillary's fault that Wright decided to go wild just before North Carolina and Indiana; and if the Tuesday primaries continue to show an unwillingness by Catholics, women and lunch pail Democrats to support Obama, the math road then unequivocally switches to Hillary's side.

Yo pienso que Hillary debería abandonar la carrera para la nominación.

Lo único que está haciendo ya es favorecer a los republicanos.
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This comment has been removed by the author.
Then have the Golden Boy who loses to McCain and barely wins in Ohio drop out -- especially since Hillary whips McCain's butt in both states.
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