Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"White Man's Greed"

A sermon by Rev. Jeromiah Wright straight out of Obama's book, Dreams of My Father.

And it kinna makes you wonder...No, not about Rev. Wright; the howler already defended Wright's speechifying last month. Truth to power, straight dope and all that.

She's talking about Obama's shtick; his post-partisan world where everyone holds hands and sings Kumbaya.

Doesn't seem like Obama thought it was such a great virtue when it came to black issues. For all those Obama supporters, ever think to yourself that more than a few Dems feel as passionate about women issues; or the military complex; or the justice system; or the health care system; or corporate criminal elites...???

Hey, no surrender. Some things are just worth fighting for. That's why the howler supported Jim Webb and that's why she supports Hillary Clinton. She's the most qualified candidate who will take it to Republicans and in November win an electoral majority.

No one expresses this fighting sentiment better than Taylor Marsh. On the subject of Reagan Democrats and Clinton supporters who merely want to win and ARE NOT CLOSET RACISTS, she writes:
Obama isn't getting crushed by lunch bucket Reagan Democrat types because he's an African American. It's because these Democrats are smart enough to know that Obama hasn't figured out what he's going to do for us, because he's too busy figuring out how to make a deal with them. You know, the Republicans. He's evidently looked into their eyes and seen their soul, and we know he'll likely sell us out to get their approval. All under the mantle that he's not an ideologue. We know what this all means. He'll make a deal with anyone, which means blue collar America will take it in the wallet or the overtime. And progressive elites have the gall to call lunch bucket Democrats out, then blame it on racism?
By the way, polls show McCain "running strong" in New Jersey, Michigan and Washington.

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