Monday, April 07, 2008

The Story MSNBC Won't Cover Tonight

A video surfaced with Bryan Holman telling Sen. Hillary Clinton the story about a woman who died because she was turned away from a hospital.

As Big Kahuna of No Quarters writes, "The thing you have to see is that this isn’t “THE HOSPITAL” in question. Bryan Holman said that after being denied, she went to another hospital." the O’Bleness hospital that so happily and needlessly issued a statement that breached their patient confidentiality.

Here are a few things BK would like for everyone to keep in mind:

MY QUESTION IS: What part of this doesn’t check out?

1. CLAIM: Hillary clearly states “I was told a story”
FACT: Bryan Holman tells hospital story to Hillary

2. CLAIM: Hillary was told that Trina Bachtel did not have insurance.
FACTS: Bryan Holman did tell Hillary she didn’t have insurance. The hospital at which her baby was still-born has broken patient confidentiality and said she had insurance. We know nothing about her insurance, or if she was charged a co-payment, but the Washington Post reported that Bachtel previously had thousands of dollars in hospital debt, which was paid off by 2005. Today, Deputy Holman was clear that the $100 wasn’t a co-payment. If she went to a hospital other than O’Bleness, as he reports, we don’t know what that hospital would have said about insurance. How it is possible that she would have had “thousands of dollars in hospital debt” before 2005, and suddenly have insurance?

3. CLAIM: She went to the hospital, and the hospital told her she needed $100 up front.
FACTS: This claim still is not refuted because Deputy Holman says she went to another hospital, which was O’Bleness. What this means is that we don’t know if she went to Holzer Medical or Pleasant Valley Hospital. Holman states she “she didn’t have of course didn’t make a lot of money.” And today, the deputy, and family friend, confirms that this wasn’t a co-payment.

4. CLAIM: Before she got back, within those two days her baby died.
FACTS: Her baby died August 1, 2007 at O’Bleness hospital.

5. CLAIM: “So they life-flighted her to C…to a hospital in Columbus and within 15 days she died.”
FACTS: Trina Bachtel died two weeks later “August 15, 2007, at OSU Medical Center in Columbus” according to her obituary in the Daily Sentinel (local paper).

6. CLAIM: Hillary told a false story.
FACT: No! Hillary told the story she was told. And why would they need have fact-checked it beyond the word of the local sheriff who is a friend of the family without going to the family itself and saying “did she have insurance”? This is anachronistic hindsight. But we know that the friend of the family, a DEPUTY SHERIFF said, “Her family and them think that if she had good insurance and stuff and she was taken care of at the first hospital of course that had the medical means to take care of her that her and her baby of course would still be here. So are we now going to ignore the word of a deputy who is close to the family? The last time I checked, a deputy is considered a reliable source with whom to confirm a story.

Serendipitously, BK has a useful link of Hillary telling the hospital story to her audience. Once again, nothing there.

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