Monday, April 07, 2008

Hillary on "Morning Joe"

Joe Scarborough of "Morning Joe" is an a-hole who bullies Mika Brzezinski at every turn but at least he gives Hillary her due once in a while and has resisted joining Obamatron Central with the siren calls of Matthews and Olbermann.

Anyhow, tomorrow morning, Hillary will be on "Morning Joe." If history of marquee guests is any indication, she'll likely be on around 8:00 AM.

Update: Hillary was interviewed around 6:35 and although no breaking news came out of the interview, she did show her command of the issues. Which brings to mind that in view of the horrible mess in the Middle East and at home, the howler can't fathom how any sane person would choose Obama over Hill.

Joe Scarborough could have been
sitting on Howard Wolfson's lap
with his softball questions for the
Clinton spokesnman. Why doesn't
Joe just admit he doesn't want
Obama as McCain's oppponent?
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