Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Clinton Told True Tale of Woe, Says Kin

Anne Kornblut of the Washington Post follows up on the hospital story told by Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail and confirms the story is absolutely true.
The aunt of a young pregnant woman who died after a hospital told her she needed to pay $100 up front for care said in an interview on Monday that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been telling the story accurately on the campaign trail -- following claims by a different Ohio hospital that it did not turn the patient away.

So, basically, the story is true but the hospital where the woman died wants Hillary to stop telling it because the woman might have been turned away at a different hospital. But the people in the local Ohio area all think it was the same hospital where she was eventually treated that turned her away earlier. Only they didn't. It might have been a different hospital.

But the meme got out, anyway, that Hillary lied or Hillary's staff failed to vet the anecdote properly.

But they've got the name of the woman and the name of the deputy who first relayed the story to Clinton.

Of course, truth should never get in the way of one's favored prejudice, in this case that Hillary can't be trusted.

Except, of course, when she can and the story is accurate.

Thanks for pursuing the truth of this.
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