Thursday, April 03, 2008

Clinton Pony Story on MSNBC a lot of Bullshit!!!!

Clueless Andrea Mitchell told Joe Scarborough that Hillary borrowed the pony story about the optimist and pessimist from St. Ronnie.

And of course MSNBC ran with it while Joe went on and on about what a sharp little cookie Andrea was to catch it.

Well, this particularly pony yarn has been around since forever. When Howling Latina was in college during the 70s, she remembers her math teacher telling it to students.

Immediately after hearing Scarborough mischaracterize the tale, she wrote MSNBC at Now one would think that with all of MSNBC resources, it would be simple to trace the tale to pre-Morning-in-America-Glory-Days. Nevertheless, Keith Olbermann ran the tape on his show that very evening.

Yep, contrary to truth, MSNBC continues to repeat whatever concocted bullshit narrative they want to. Keith Olbermann needs to add MSNBC to his list of 'Worst Person in the World.'

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