Saturday, August 04, 2007

O ye of little faith!

Raising Kaine has posted Sen. Jim Webb's press release as it relates to yesterday's Senate vote to amend FISA.

Without the requisite talking points, Howling Latina knew even beforehand that Webb's vote had to do with national security and real threats -- as opposed to phony ones trumped-up by Michelle Malkin and Fox.

Yesterday I supported two measures to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. These measures were considered against the backdrop of heightened concerns from our nation's intelligence community abut the threat of international terrorism. The ramifications of the two amendments before us last night were not political. Instead they related to the urgent demands of national security. I chose to heed those warnings. We now have six months to work in earnest to bring full acountability to the process.
Folks, if Sens. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, for christsakes, voted for the measure, give our junior senator the benefit of his conscience and support his vote.

As Howling Latina explained in an earlier post, "Fear not...there are some safeguards: Approval must come from Director Mike McConnell of the National Security Agency as well as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The FISA court must review any warrantless surveillance within 120 days. And finally, the law expires in six months."

Time a'plenty for Dems and GOPers to draft a bill that's acceptable to all parties.

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