Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha

The Washington Times has once again proven they live and report from an alternative world.

In detailing how the former junior senator from Virginia recently set up a political action committee to help his beleagured GOP comrades, The Washington Times refers to disgraced Goober Allen in beatific terms.

Former Sen. George Allen has formed a political action committee that will rally financial support for Republican candidates running in high-stakes General Assembly races this fall.


Forming the PAC signals a return to the political stage for the popular former governor, who lost his U.S. Senate seat in November to James H. Webb Jr., a Democrat.

Well, in talking to a few GOPers at yesterday's craft show in historic Occoquan in Prince William County, suffice it to say that Mr. Allen is as popular with party regulars as a whore with full blown AIDS in Tijuana.

Oh yea, there were some great moments but their distinction and usefulness has been expended by a new cadre of young'uns.

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