Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is Sen. Larry Craig Gay?!?

Is Sen. Larry Craig gay?!? Apparently, inquiring minds want to know via DailyKos.

Similar to a nasty rumor about the recently elected Republican governor from Florida, Charlie Crist.

Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, except that Republicans have made it their life's mission to denounce the so-called alternative lifestyle.

Why, just last November, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed the malodorous bill that allows the state to discriminate against same sex partners; and of course, with the full blessing of GOP batwingers like Scott Lingamfelter, Jackson Miller and Robert Marshall, the three Dixie chicks, who like the three singers ain't gay, as far as HL knows or cares.

Point to ponder: Is it just Howling Latina, or does the voice of Bradley Schlozman sound slightly feminine as one listens to him testify before the Senate?!? This guy sounds like the perfect candidate for the next big fish to be netted by Larry Flynt; he recently placed a full-page ad in major newspapers asking for people who have the "goodies" on the sexual escapades of public officials to come forward and collect a cool million $$$$.
Update: Bradblog picked up on Scholzman's voice; he writes:
I don't usually care to cast personal aspersions, but this guy sounds exactly like a chipmunk. Not kidding.

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