Saturday, June 02, 2007

More GOP Family Values

Reading through the CBS News headlines, Howling Latina came across yet another story that exemplifies Republican family values. This time, in Connecticut, the Constitution state.

Senate Minority Leader Louis DeLuca was arrested Friday on charges that he asked a businessman at the center of a federal racketeering probe to threaten someone the senator believed had abused a relative.

State and federal authorities said DeLuca in 2005 sought help from James Galante, a Danbury trash hauler who first caught DeLuca's eye by making a large charitable contribution. Galante is currently awaiting trial on 72 counts of tax fraud, racketeering, threatening and extortion.

Hmmm, HL wonders how generous Galante had to be before peeking DeLuca's interest. Of course, it was all perfectly equitable; you see, the honorable state senator's family member was getting slapped around by some no-good bully.

“I tried to protect a family member who was vulnerable, who was in a physically abusive domestic relationship and who needed help,” DeLuca said in a written statement. “My family and I went to the police three times to get help for my relative, but the police said that they couldn't help because the victim wouldn't file a complaint.”
Hey, what's a loving family guy supposed to do, for crying out loud?!? Why, put out a hit, of course.
The assault never happened. Prosecutors, who recovered the note in a search of Galante's home, said they stopped the assault by parking a police car in front of the associate's house.

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