Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Virginia Democrats Are on the Ball

Without giving the enemy Democratic trade secrets away, suffice it to say that Howling Latina is truly impressed with Virginia Democratic outreach efforts for the '07 election cycle.

Her brother (who normally votes for the GOP candidate but once in a blue moon votes for a Democrat) recently received, well, let's just call it a "fetching surprise" courtesy of her friends from the Virginia Democratic Committee.

This little "surprise" brilliantly helps strengthen the weak link and brand between him (the voter) and party (Dems).

It looks like the huge cash advantage by Democrats is being put to great use early in the cycle. Her brother happily called her to discuss the outreach without even realizing that he was being wooed. Keep up the good work!

InRich.com reported last Friday that during the "first three months of this year, the Democrats piled up more than $1.7 million...The GOP, over the same period, could muster less than half that total, $715,263."
Through 2006, the Democrats pulled in $1.2 million to the GOP's $370,000, a year that saw Sen. George Allen, a Republican ex-governor who was regarded as a strong conservative 2008 presidential prospect, lose to Democrat Jim Webb, a prohibitive underdog 12 months ago.
Oh but wait, the GOP just had a huge fundraising event this past weekend with would-be presidential hopeful Big Fred as their guest speaker and almost 450 folks showed up with open wallets.

One can certainly spin that it's a huge start; except...for the little fact that when the Dems held their annual bash in February, more than ten times as many people happily forked over the $$$ to hear Sen. Barack Obama speak and help the Dems win in '07.

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