Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Add Another GOP to the Death-Ready List of Perverts

As a follow-up to Howling Latina's earlier post this week about the long list of Republican public officials that have been caught with their pants down, literally, add the name of Philip Giordano, the former mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut.

H/T to Corrente.

Remember my dear friends on the other side of aisle, the Lone Star State is about to enact a law that makes perverts such as the lofty bunch heretofore mention eligible for the needle, just like all the other poor saps on Death Row.

La Shawn Tarber of Townhall.com thinks it's a swell idea! Well, if HL didn't oppose capital punishment on moral and ethical grounds, she'd almost welcome the idea as one sure-fire way to bottle up the number of Republican batwings in public office.

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