Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wingnuts Worried About Allen

NewsMax sent an urgent e-mail to their readers asking $$$ for poor George.

Howling Latina thinks the Allen campaign culture that thinks it is perfectly permissible to tackle a Virginia citizen to the floor and nearly smash his head into a plate glass window might have more than a little something-something to do with Allen's troubles.

Only a few days ago, CNN reported that Allen had steadfastly "refus[ed] to denounce his supporters' manhandling of a liberal blogger." And to add to the outrage, Allen stupidly blamed the blogger.

Here's NewsMax desperate e-mail to the wingnuts.
Dear Wingnuts, er, Washington Wire Reader:

It has become the most competitive Senate race in the UnitedStates. Polls show Sen. George Allen and Democrat Jim Webbare locked in a very close race. Your help today to Senator Allen can make a difference.Your contribution — even today — will help place last minuteTV ads and help Allen's get-out-the-vote efforts. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the Democrats are pouring millions into this race to defeat conservative Republican George Allen. They know they will likely control the Senate if they defeat George Allen. Thousands of Democratic and union activists are now descendingon Virginia in an effort to elect Webb and defeat Allen. You can stop them! Make your donation to George Allentoday — Go Here Now! Please read the urgent letter below.

One click takes you to a direct appeal, not by George, the coward who hides behind his wife and mother's skirts, but dear ol' Susan. She looks a little haggard; and like she'd only recently jumped from the bed she seems to be sitting on to make the ad.

The voice sounds downcast, almost desperate; and the ad looks like it was quickly put together at the last minute.

Well, let's pray NewsMax is indeed correct; and when Jim Webb wins on Tuesday the Senate will be controlled by the Democratic Party.

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