Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What a Difference a Few Wins Make

Howling Latina was outraged when DailyKos voters registered profound dislike for then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last spring.

However, she is happy to note that progressives have come to their senses. It's amazing what a few little Democratic House wins will do to public sentiment.

In a self-directed DailyKos poll, 85 percent of voters now approve of the way Nancy Pelosi is doing her job. This measures favorably with an approval rate of 82 percent for new Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and 78 percent for Democratic Senatorial Congressional Committee Chairman Chuck Schumer.

Darth Carville notwithstanding, Rock Star Howard Dean has a 96 percent approval rate from the DailyKos community.


My Rankings:
Harry Reid is on top, with a 9/10.
Chuck got the job done, so he gets an 8/10.
Howard Dean's 50 state stratgy was a breath of fresh air. 8/10.
Nancy made a bad first pick with Murtha. She shouldn't have gotten involved with this pick. The media is already watching her like a hawk. 6.5/10
Dannyboy, I agree about Murtha and Pelosi.

Murtha was the historical engine that brought voice to the anti-Iraq War movement and lent his war hawk credibility to pulling out.

His public announcement against the war in late '05 added fuel to the fire that ignited the Bush implosion and Bush poll numbers.

And yes, Pelosi should be forever grateful for Murtha's help when she ran for Minority Leader. Nonetheless, she should've stayed out of the leadership fray.
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