Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Webb Wins

Jim Webb won the Senate race against George Allen in Virginia. With 99 percent of all precincts reporting, total votes for Webb were 1,170,686 to 1,162,327 for Allen.

Currently, Tester leads Conrad Burns in Montana; and with DeWine, Talent, Santorum, Chafee and Allen losing, Democrats will control both chambers of Congress in January.


While I want that to be true. The spotlight is now on Virgina.

Florida, Ohio, y La Cuida de Mexico.

The great news is Rummy is out of the picture.

And radio dj neocon Rush L head is spining.
Thanks go to HL for keeping people informed about George Allen.

Ok.. You got your man in or at least you would like to think you had something to do with it... He is still as repulsive today as he was yesterday.

To hell with what's good for America. Now, we will see what the Dems are really like... go nancy go... Then in 2 years it will be Republicans in control... wait and see... It will be a landslide.

Mad as hell, I am...
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