Saturday, November 11, 2006

WaPo, Who Cares what Mr. Lingamfelter Thinks?

Thanks to the recent win by war hero and best selling author, Sen.-elect Jim Webb, Del. Scott Lingamfelter is getting some ink space in a Washington Post article.

Lingamfelter of "faith, family and freedom" motto has injected himself into the Senate race aftermath as a Republican party elder filled with sage advice to the newest member of the Democratic controlled United States Senate.

Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Prince William) said it would be a mistake for Webb to conclude that his victory Tuesday was a mandate.

"If he goes in tooting in there and jumps on the Hillary Clinton agenda, he'll be a one-term senator," Lingamfelter said. "Virginians won't take it."

Now, this is the state delegate from the gerrymandered district smack in the middle of roads and fields in Fauquier County to I-95 in Prince William County. Like who gives a rat's butt what Lingamfelder thinks. No matter, the Post continues to quote him in yet another article:

State Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Prince William) said Webb's biggest challenge is likely to be his inexperience. Lingamfelter likened it to his own first year in the state legislature, when, he now admits, he was too eager to push controversial bills.

"Newly-electeds do come in sometimes with an inflated sense of their mandate," he said. "I didn't know much when I showed up, either. He certainly has the intellect to pick up on it."

Thanks for your irrelevant vote of confidence, Mr. One Hundred Percent Pro-Life who staunchly supports the death penalty.

And Washington Post, Scottie may be a former military man, but next time you want to quote someone about what might be Webb's "biggest challenge" in Washington, try to find a GOPer with some real relevancy and experience in Congress and not some state delegate from a gerrymandered district in Virginia.

You're Rockin' today Latina!!

Webb is too smart to listen to the "likes" of him....Webb will be his own man and he'll do well.

Webb would be well advised to take his time and not try anything too radical. If he goes too far from the center, he'll be a one-termer, and I REALLY don't want that. I want Jim Webb in the Senate as long as possible.

If I were an advisor to Webb, my advice would be this: take your time, and moderation is always the best policy.
So basically, Del. Lingamfelter is saying that Webb shouldn't act like Bush. If y'all recall, President Bush actually lost the popular vote in 2000. During his presidency, however, he has significantly expanded the power of the executive branch. For some reason, I think it would have been Allen who would have taken a small victory as a mandate. After all, he's the one who voted with Bush 96% of the time. I guess the four percent difference here is that Bush actually won the election.
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