Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Green with Envy, Blogger Slimes

Howling Latina can hardly believe the vile pile of crap posted by Not Larry Sabato.

Using the same approach as cheesy, degenerates like soon-to-be former Sen. George Felix 'Macaca' Allen, Jr., NLS parts the blogosphere sea into "losers" and "winners" and then proceeds to slam his largest competitor as a loser.

NLS pens a top 10 list and writes:

LOSER NUMBER NINE: Lowell Feld: Yes, he will also be on tomorrow's winners list for the successful "Draft Webb" movement. But this crap about posting on the official Webb blog all day, then posting on Raising Kaine, and claiming that anything on RK was "Independent" of the campaign is the biggest pile of shit I have ever heard from a campaign. And that's saying something...

Well...let's try a little logic for size. A political operative can surely post on an official campaign Web log, tempering his or her comments, si?

And then after work, freed from restrictions, said operative can drop bombs away to his or her little blogger's heart desire, no?

So what if Feld used inside information while posting at Raising Kaine? After all, that's what made RK the most informative Virginia blog in '06, barring NONE.

Who is linked by MyDD and other national bloggers? And who has almost double the number of links at 348 links as any Virginia progressive blogger? Finally, who almost breaks the top 5000 out of more than 1 million blogs?

A little hint, it ain't NLS.

Any catty sniping or petulant criticism by the dethroned progressive Virginia blogger kingpin is pure and sheer jelousy in full display--sour grapes--and not credible at all.

The posts concerning Congressional candidate Al Weed were the most craven, ridiculous posts at NLS this cycle.

This comes close. His bread and circuses act takes away greatly from not only his own analysis, but the Virginia blogosphere as well.

He should be ignored if at all possible.

Political consultants don't work on a clock. Whatever they do, at any time, reflects upon their clients.
My, my, ain't we hafallutin prissy.

You want hijinks? Hijinks is claiming you're nearly infallible when time and again you're dead wrong. Like when Peggy Nixon asked about Allen's Jewish heritage. Or when Allen goons decided to slam the poor guy who asked him a harsh question. NLS stupidly proclaimed the end of the Webb campaign.

Lowell was an effective voice for Jim Webb in the blogosphere and NLS is just sorry he's been blogging for upteen years and Lowell came in and swept up all the goodwill and buzz.

NLS has horrible bedside manners and has shown a propensity to be extremely self-serving while being disloyal to the Democratic party and their candidates. Sniping during the early part of Webb's campaign about how unorganized he was certainly doesn't endear him to party loyalists or future political candidate.

Hell, HL wouldn't trust NLS to blog about her dog's campaign.
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