Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good News for Democrats in Prince William County

Craig's Musing has some breaking news from Prince William County.

Internal GOP polling shows Sharon Pandak substantially leads the race against Republican Corey Stewart for the at-large supervisor seat in a special election to replace Sean T. Connaughton. Connaughton was appointed a few months ago to "head the U.S. Maritime Administration" by the White House.

This can only bode well for the entire Democratic ticket, including Jeanette Rishell for the 50th District seat of the late Del. Harry Parish.

Adelante con Rishell and Pandak!

Republicans are going to have to start making nice with all them hairy "fehreigners" in Prince William County; they can't keep striking and biting the hand of a sizeable voting block with numbers large enough to decide their political fortune.

What's the world coming to? Apparently, there just ain't enough good ol' boys anymore!

Wow, HL, I had no idea you were on such good terms with the GOP to get hold of their internal polling. ;-)
I call "Bullshit". You have seen no "internal GOP polling data". I have. It is close, but Stewart enjoys a small lead, outside of the margin of error. Miller has a double-digit lead over Rishell in the district.

Even if Pandak were leading, this would be of small help to Rishell. PWC precints make up a very small portion of the 50th. Stewart and Pandak are not on the ballot in Manassas City (54% of the 50th) and Manassas Park (23% of the 50th). When Plantation precint in PWC was disolved and folded into Westgate, this changed the mix. Corey will take 3 of the 4 precincts in the 50th. The fact that you fail to mention this, proves how little you know.
Muchos gracias from Bama, for exposing this Allen fraud who months ago was proclaimed "el presidente" type material. (Well, compared to Schrub, it wasn't too much of a stretch, was it.)

Wear something distinctive for the victory party so we outlanders can wave back at the screen!!

Again, thanx for saving us the expense of knocking that idiot off the national radar!!
Of course, now that we are four days down the road, I think we can see that Craig's anonymous source was not to be trusted...
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