Saturday, November 04, 2006

DCCC Spends Thousand to Help GOPer

Snark, snark, news simply too delicious to ignore.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent $50,000 on behalf of the "other" GOP candidate vying to win the seat of disgraced former Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay's seat in the 52nd District, according to Two Suns in the Sunset.

The $50,000 mailout was sent on behalf of the other GOP write-in candidate in the race, retired Air Force Major Don Richardson.

Among the statements in the flier, which would seem to appeal to Texas conservatives, is the question "Don Richardson supports President Bush's Patriot Act. Do you?"

It also assures the Lone Star's reactionary Republican voters that Richardson would support putting troops on the Mexican border to stem illegal immigration, would allow law enforcement officials to wiretap suspects, to read their mail and e-mail and to conduct random searches, all without a warrant. Richardson says he has not seen the ad but agrees that those are his positions.

Howling Latina, like most folks, thinks Sheila Sekula-Gibbs is going to have a hard time getting the bubba-wing of the Republican Party to correctly spell her name on the ballots. Oh dear, pobrecita!

Right about now, DeLay's future prospects as a lobbyist in Washington don't look too good. Oh the sheer and pure irony of the former GOP kingpin having to now grovel at the feet of Charlie Rangel, John Dingell, Henry Waxman and others.

Yep, the law of karma is right on time.

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