Thursday, September 14, 2006 Ad Story in The Virginian-Pilot


Good ol' George Allen, thought he was going to skate to reelection and run for the White House roses in '08.

Come to find out that Allen voted against a bill to buy body armor for our soldiers so they were stuck wearing left-overs from Vietnam.

The Virginian-Pilot writes that back in April 2003, Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu introduced legislation "that sought to earmark $1 billion in special war funding to provide equipment for the National Guard and Reservists fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Reserve and National Guard units generally were issued the less effective and much heavier Vietnam War-era flak jackets, which are not designed to stop a bullet. Soon, soldiers' families were scouring the private sector for better alternatives for loved ones under fire and shipping them to Iraq.
Landrieu beseeched GOPers to provide the funding.
"You don't have to be an expert in warfare to understand one of the ways you can minimize casualties," she said, "is to give your Guard and Reserve the best training and the best equipment, so when they ship out, they have a chance to
ship back."
But the administration and their rubberstamp minions in Congress refused; and many soldiers died needlessly as a result. No need for equipment, it was all going to be a cakewalk, remember?!?

Well, you can bet Allen's last cowboy chap that Jim Webb would've voted for $$$ along with every Democrat, save wingnut Zell Miller; and thank God and Greyhound he's gone.

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