Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Tale of Two Stories

For the last few days, Jeanette Rishell has been attacked by a certain bile-choked right wing blogger because she 'may' have mistakenly sent out a press release, realized her mistake and then sent out a revised one.

Howling Latina uses the term 'may' because the link to The Gainesville Times story only mentions increasing fines for illegal boarding house owners, -- not charging them as felons as previously reported.

But be that as it may, let's say Rishell actually sent off the wrong press release.

The HORROR, the horror!

If one makes an honest mistake and then corrects the record, brutally attacking that person as if they'd killed their first born and sold his soul to the pathetic; and yet so typical of the extreme wing of the GOP. Pick some bullshit minutiae and then go on the attack as if heaven forbid they'd never stoop to anything as low as mortality.

Never mind that when Republicans are in charge they like to dish out tax breaks for the rich while underfunding education and transportation, ignoring the staggering cost of energy and essentially screwing up everything they tap with a reverse Midas touch. What's really important according to the gospel of partisan hacks is to invent some distraction and then frame their opponent.

Communications 101. Nothing to see behind that curtain, move on.

And so they trot out their latest bogeyman; or some bullshit panty waist crap about a frigging press release and how this supporter or that one doesn't live in here or there instead of addressing the merits of an issue.

So at this juncture, HL thinks it's appropriate to revisit the seminal question solicited against another radical GOPer several generations ago: "Have you no sense of decency...At long last, have you no sense of decency, no shame at all?"

Apparently for some mud-slinging partisan cyberspace provocateurs, the answer is still NO!

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