Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's Official, Miller is a Flip-Flopper

Howling Latina decided to visit Not Larry Sabato to see what other readers might have to say about his post calling Jeanette Rishell an "outrageous" candidate.

HL was not disappointed.

Bruce Roemmelt of Getting Around pointed out that Jackson H. Miller recently deleted his initial campaign promise to "protect the unborn" from his Web site, and also decided it would be a good idea to erase endorsements from right-wing bagwinds Jeffrey M. Frederick, Scott L. Lingamfelter, Robert G. Marshall and Ken Cuccinelli II.

Oh goodness -- as Rummie likes to say. What a faithless flip-flopping fiend!

Also couldn't help but notice on Miller's Web site that only two measly newspapers have written about his campaign.

Hell, Rishell created as much buzz in one week by merely sneezing and firing off a press release.

What are you talking about? From the Miller website that you link to:

"As a father, I understand that life is precious and will support legislation that will preserve the sanctity of life and protect the rights of the unborn child".

Does that sound like he deleted from his website his protection for the unborn? Not to me. Maybe he's cleaning up his issues list by prioritizing, but he has left his pro-life claims right on his HOME PAGE introduction for everybody to see.

I saw Bruce corrected this in the comments, which I appreciate.

As to the endorsements, I'm not positive but I think they were primary campaign endorsements. It's way too early to care about elected republican representative endorsements for the general election, plus nobody expects the republican NOT to get those endorsements -- the primary it was important to see which republican had the backing of which republicans.

Bruce would be a better candidate than JR. Except he doesn't live in the district.
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