Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The End of King George

The Bush administration must really, really be scared; and Howling Latina isn’t talking about some evil terrorist lurking in the urban backdrop at some unidentifiable American city in the dark recesses of Darth-Cheney, Turd Blossom and Junior's mind; we’re talking about the real terror of accountability, impeachment or at minimum total disgrace and shame for the history of mankind to analyze, discuss and swear to never allow to happen again.

Just last evening, Howling Latina wrote about some unpleasant polling on the subject of eavesdropping and by extension, executive unitary power.

This morning, the Washington Post reported inside the fold that GOPers were having second and third thoughts about giving Bush unimpeded power. A few Republicans were not exactly onboard with Bush and how he wanted to administer military trials and prevent terrorism through use of illegal wiretapping.

Well, in breathtaking breaking news this afternoon, we learn that Bush has decided yep, maybe he does have to obey international and national laws after all.

Bush announced that 14 suspects overseas in secret prisons are going to be transferred to Guantanamo and “granted protection under the Geneva Convention,” CNN reports; this includes Khalid Sheik Mohammed. The CIA is finally going to be giving up custody.

This comes at the heels of a new Army Field manual that explicitly spelled out "interrogation techniques" announced yesterday by the Pentagon.

That's right, boys and girls; all those GOP talking points about how the administration could interrogate detainees by using waterboarding, severe beatings, sexual humiliation, and so on have been trashed by the constitution and the roar of Americans who said, "NO MAS!

Thank you Justices Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Breyer and Ginsberg for placing the constitution above King George in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. Looks like Virginia's senior senator also might've had a little something-something to do with Bush's new directives.

What's even better is Bush English pal is leaving. That itself will work against Bush.

Especially when he was trying to draw away attention from Iraq,and the Senate debates on Rummy.
Thank God for our great President!!!
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